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Unless you've been under a rock or completelyunconscious, you know how popular games and the video gaming industry hasbecome over the last 10 years.


A multi-billion dollar industry, gaming, has impacted everything from foreignpolicy to the sports world. The impact on games and training in the militaryhas even changed the way we fight wars.


And if you have children, you know what it does to kids whenever they are sentto their rooms to clean.


The reality is, even if you don't like them, video games have come and aren'tgoing anywhere.


To be honest, I haven't regularly played video gamessince the days of Nintendo's Super Mario Brothers. Considered high tech for itstime, games have moved into more futuristic formats. We are talking aboutmovement simulators, sensors that detect body gestures, you don't even needwires or connectors. I was one of those adults who swore that games were awaste of time and I had more important life missions than sitting on a couchwasting my time. What I found the other day was another perspective from a true'gamer' on what I could learn if I took the time. Here's how my obsessed gamingfriend schooled me:

老实说,自从超级玛丽的时代过去后,我就没有经常玩游戏了。在这个高科技产品琳琅满目的时代,游戏已经进入更超前的模式。我们讨论模拟运动, 甚至不需要电线和连接器利用传感器来对话。我和大多数成年人一样也认为打游戏很浪费时间,比起坐在沙发上浪费时间,我还有更重要的人生大事要做。另外,从真正“玩家”角度来看,只要肯花时间研究,其实又能从中学到很多东西,以下是我的一位特别痴迷于游戏的朋友教给我的道理:

Games teach us about rules:Everything in our life has a set of standards, rules if you will. These rulesgovern the basic platform of performance. The cool thing about games is thatafter you successfully conquer the beginner's rules, you are than ready to takeon the larger challenge of figuring out how to bypass them. Everyone wants toconquer something. The problem is we start from square one seeking to changethe game before we have mastered the rules. Whether you are in advertisement,management or government, you can re-write the game, but first you must masterthe rules.


Games teach us about the ladder ofsuccess: Everyone in the gaming world talks about thelevels they are able to attain. If you are on FaceBook you hear people bragabout where they currently are on Candy Crush. The moral of the story is youare not successful until you climb the proverbial ladder to the next level. Soundfamiliar? Sales are about getting to the next level. Relationships are aboutgetting to the next level. Everything you want out of life is outside of yourcurrent comfort zone, or level. Gaming teaches that being satisfied with whereyou are is a self delusion when there is so much more available.


Games teach usthat keeping score is still important: Somewhere along the way we stoppedvaluing the score. I am not saying it is the only thing that matters, but let'sbe is important. I grew up in a time where everyone didn't get atrophy for 'participating'. Nowadays kids get stickers and such just forshowing up. Then when they leave school and join the work force, they have arude awakening. I think score keeping shows us our potential, leads to ourmotivation and celebrates those who put forth the effort to train. What wouldSunday be like if football scores were not given? Who won? What is theteam's record? Exactly! We need scores to govern our efforts.


With a house full of kids, my mornings usually startedoff with me confiscatingall electronic devices so that we could get out, off to school and work beforenoon. I would find them hiding in closets or the bathroom just to sneak fivemore minutes with their precious games. I thought they were addicted, but turnsout they may have been learning some valuablelife skills too. Either way, mybuddy who is an avid gamer has shed some light onthe subject for me


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